Alcohol Ink Painting Double Masking Technique

Masking your alcohol ink paintings can help you achieve more realistic images. Here is how I mask two or more times to save the areas that I want to keep light and more controlled.

1. Lightly draw your design in pencil on the yupo paper.

2. Use a masking fluid to cover the outline or the whole drawn image.

3. Freely pour your alcohol inks on the paper for the background.

ink covering background and masked drawing4. Remove excess ink over the masked part of the painting. You can use a brush or Qtip with some alcohol. 

5. When dry, rub off the masking to reveal your clean white paper. 

6. If you want to color some areas with a light ink wash and preserve that light color, mask again after the light ink wash has dried.Here the portions of the bird to remain light are masked again.

7. You can also remask portions of your drawing to stay white while you work on the rest of the painting.

8. When the masking is dry, paint the remainder of the image. You can remove the 2nd masking when the ink is dry.

9. Paint the remainder of the painting. You can even mask over the light colors to preserve them when you paint near them with other colors. 

10. Continue painting with small brushes remask where needed.

completed painting with multiple maskings

completed painting with multiple maskings11. Have fun!

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